Days 4-5: Integration


Straddling 2 WorldsOne step forward and one step back.

My classmates and I came in today with a subtle change on our faces, but just as many stories to tell of the challenges of our day: my boyfriend this, my family that, my boss, blah, blah, blah… It wasn’t a Monday kind of blues, but a deeper realization that we were straddling two worlds: internal self-discovery and external performance.

Like the day after a massage: the effects are still there, but the bliss you experienced has waned and now you’re simultaneously a step closer to a more relaxed body and one step back to the tight aching where you began.

You could sense the fatigue of stepping back into the world after 4 straight days of self-discovery and endless yoga: bibidisha, meditation, self-investigation, asanas… This is a less dramatic version of what Vets call “reintegration.” When you are immersed in something and then reemerge into a world whizzing with cars, political debates, relationships and emails, every sound becomes an alarm on your nervous system.

See, this is exactly what yoga is meant for. We cannot all live in ashrams and seek refuge from the bits and pieces of the complicated patterns in life; we must integrate the practice behind enclosed walls into the complexity beyond.

I’ll just start with one deep breath…once again…and again…and again…

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