Week Off: Release


images-16With no yoga class this week, I visited the local library to browse the new release book section. Last time this happened, I found Drew Barrymore’s “Wildflower,” which was a lighthearted read and a fun one-nighter to reminisce about my childhood, silver-screen idol.

This time, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo called me in. Do you remember last year, when everyone was buzzing with stories of their life-changing purges after applying the Konmarie method to their heap of material possessions? With a book this small and popular, I had to give it a shot.

This pint-sized Japanese personal organizer has made #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list and has a 3-month waitlist for her services. Read on…

The main lesson Marie teaches is to find joy in the things around us. This applies not only to material goods, but also to friends, partners, jobs, food and activities we are engaged in. Wow, she’s onto something and it doesn’t look pretty; because, we might have to get rid of a lot in order to live surrounded by joy.

Her clients have claimed that after cleaning up their material lives in the home and office, they experienced emotional shifts that led to dramatic changes in their lives. For example, getting a divorce, losing weight, quitting a job, or letting family disputes go. After disposing of 30 trash bags of unneeded crap, wouldn’t you start to look at other areas of your life that need a little cleaning up? The stuff is the easy place to start- unnecessary relationships and old, unwanted emotional baggage is what you’ll find lurking at the bottom of the pile.

The bottom line is: only choose to invest yourself in a “yes.” If your gut says “maybe” or “no” to something, then thank it, let it go and move on. Only surround yourself with things and people that spark joy- the rest is clutter. Imagine how much lighter our load would be if we followed her advice?

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