Days 14-15: Today I Wear Purple




The dictionary definition of purple is: a color intermediate between red and blue. Purple can only be created in color theory by mixing red and blue together. In a very similar way, American politics can only be itself by mixing different shades of colors, just as its populace reflects diversity in its infinite tones of skin, hair and eyes.

Honestly, I reached for a blue shirt this morning and then thought, “No, today I wear purple.” I know what I stand for and yet, I am not the one who will decide the fate of this county-every one of us will together. With no premeditation, I chose purple. Not only is it the color of the 7th and highest chakra of connection to universal source, but it is also a fairly neutral color on the outside. You could say that I was attempting to channel my inner bigger self in the face of the even bigger decision being cast today.

Amidst all of this political decision making is a lot of personal choice and self-definition. There is a lot of pressure to wear either blue or red in order to be “seen” as a citizen of the United States these days. But some friends are wearing green today, or yellow, or even white-surrendering to a blank slate.

It seems contradictory to simultaneously cast a ballot and hear the other side of the debate, but let us imagine what the other choice is: hate, anger, betrayal and bigotry. Consider this a non-violent political choice: active and yet, not staunch. Whatever the outcome is of tonight’s election, we must wake up tomorrow and be ourselves once again. Come what may, we must also be a nation-divided or united. If we choose to not violently condemn tonight’s winner, but instead see how to work together to make that candidate-no matter who or how fit they are-a better version of themselves, then we all have won.

Tonight there is one thing we all might be able to agree on: the exercise of pure democracy is what is lacking in America. No matter who runs the show, it is our responsibility as a whole to make the system work and actively participate in government. United we stand, divided we fall.

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