Got Some Issues in My Tissues

I just wrapped up a Yoga for Trauma Recovery training program this weekend with Joanne Varney and Rebecca Tayebi at Breathe Together Yoga. Going into the training, I thought it would be interesting to see how teachers are using yoga techniques to address modern-day trauma induced by a myriad of causes ranging from small traffic … Continue reading Got Some Issues in My Tissues

As Within, So Without

It is the ultimate task that we all be heroes and start living up to larger values, not just for ourselves, but for the whole realization of ourselves as complete beings, for others and for the planet. Can we begin to see interdependence as a healthy reality, rather than a weakness in the face of a capitalistic for-maximum-profit model?

Summer of Love

After years of intensive training and teaching of yoga asana, pranayama and meditation, my practice has shifted this summer to one off the mat. It has instead turned to the relationships of my life, returning me to the first step of yoga—the yamas (restraints for proper conduct)—and its first principle, ahimsa, or kindness.